Fundraising Initiative!

Rock for Autism!

Our local school system here in Olmsted Falls, OH has a need for 10 for rocking chairs that they have found to be beneficial in helping children on the autism spectrum, and other special needs, stay focused during the school day.  Sensory processing is one of the main challenges associated with spectrum disorders and rocking is a natural mechanism that many who are affected use to cope with these issues.  The school faculty has found this particular model of chair to be useful in helping the children to take a sensory break and then get back to their school work.

Goal: 10 Chairs
Cost: $100 per chair
Total Cost: $1,000

Happy Mother's Day in the voice of an autistic child

Silent I Love You

How do I tell her?
I want to so bad
She needs to know
So she won't be sad

I try to talk like my friends
Try to act like them too
They all know what they're doing
I don't fit in their crew

They use so many words
And they're so hard to learn
I have so much to say
I just need a turn

But no matter the struggles
No matter the troubles
There's always a place I can go

A place where it's great
I know she can relate
She loves me, and my little bro

When I retreat to my world
I know she'll be there
She's the one I will always let in

She's the one who can reach me
The one who can teach me
The one who always makes me grin

If I can't say it
How will she know?
She has to hear it
Before I grow

Although words cannot tell her
I don't need them too
She can tell from my hugs
Mommy, "I Love You!"

Cleveland Social Exchange

The Five Horizons Foundation is honored to be the beneficiary of the Cleveland Social Exchange's event on April 8th at the Cleveland Indians Progressive Field.  CSE is a growing network of professionals in Cleveland who's events help to support a variety of local non profit organizations.  We are proud to be affiliated with this group and sincerely appreciate their fundraising efforts.  

The proceeds from this event will be used to enhance the services being provided to children with autism in the Cleveland area.  The primary focus of these improvements will be sensory equipment and adaptive technologies to help foster communication skills.

Special thanks to CSE President Brad Weitman for his continued support.

More information on The Cleveland Social Exchange:
Who We Are
The Cleveland Social Exchange (CSE) - is Cleveland's Premier Networking Organization, and our goal is to help you build your business by connecting you with other local professionals. We specialize in high-caliber events that are designed to bring together local professionals and help them increase their professional opportunities through business networking. 
Our professional event planners work with a wide-range of venues and caterers to build an entertaining and note-worthy networking experience for our members and guests.
Our Mission
To bring together like minded professionals within the Greater Cleveland region through valuable networking opportunities, resources, and events; to continually develop new ways to generate opportunities for our members; to expand their network of professional associates; and to enhance their career opportunities.
To register for the event, please click here.

Thank you Pearl Jam Fans!

Final numbers are in from the 4 fundraisers we did on the 2013 Lightning Bolt Tour.  Thanks to all of the amazing organizers, volunteers, donors and attendees who helped make the events huge successes.  Here's a summary of the four parties:

Pittsburgh: 10/11/13
Organizers:  Joe Little, Anne Little, Robin Laughlin, Mike Laughlin
Co-Beneficiary: The Autism Center of Pittsburgh
Funds Raised: $1,100

Buffalo: 10/12/13
Organizers:  Joe Little, Anne Little, Lori McKay, Becki Moore
Co-Beneficiary: Autism Services of Western New York
Funds Raised: $1,000

New Orleans: 11/1/13
Organizers:  Joanna Wilson, Tavis Piattoly, Joe Little
Co-Beneficiary: Team Gleason
Funds Raised: $2,200

Los Angeles: 11/23/13
Organizers:  Amy Allen, Rebecca Carfagna
Co-Beneficiary: Autism Society of Los Angeles
Funds Raised: $1,400

Additional online donations between shows: $300

Total Raised: $6,000!

Los Angeles Pearl Jam Fans Rocking for Autism!!

RSVP on Facebook
RSVP not required to attend, just helps with planning :)

Please join us for the fourth Official fundraising event of the 2013 Pearl Jam tour for The Five Horizons Foundation!  The worlds greatest rock band, Pearl Jam, is playing at The Los Angeles Sports Arena on November 23rd, 2013 and we're going to be pre partying over at 901 Bar and Grill!  Please see below for details.

Who:  All are welcome!  This will be a Pearl Jam fan pre concert party but anyone who wants to come out to support Pearl Jam or Autism is more than welcome to attend.  RSVP on Facebook

What:  The Five Horizons Foundation was recently started by founder Joe Little and is being supported by a team of amazing Pearl Jam fans.  Our primary focus is helping children and families affected by autism in honor of Joe's son, Mack, who was recently diagnosed.  Please use the links above for more information on the Foundation.

Where:  901 Bar and Grill - 2902 South Figueroa Street  Los Angeles, CA.  Ton's of TV's and awesome food.  Come early for lunch! Menu.  213-745-7900.

 901 Bar and Grill

When: Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 at 3pm.  Raffle will begin promptly at 6:00pm. Concert starts at 7:30 and the band has been starting at about 8:30 at most other venues.

Why:  All donations will directly benefit children and families affected by autism.

The Five Horizons Foundation is committed to providing adaptive technologies to children with autism.  For example, we recently worked with a variety of donors to achieve the goal of providing one iPad for every child in an autism center.  For this event, we will be partnering with the Autism Society of LA who is well known for their dedication to serving the autism community of Los Angeles.

Raffle:  At 6pm we will start pulling raffle tickets!  Win Pearl Jam or LA themed items donated by your fellow Pearl Jam fans!  Raffle tickets will be on sale starting at 3pm!

Donations:  We need your help! If you have a Pearl Jam or LA themed item that you can contribute to the raffle it will go a long way towards helping raise money for this incredible cause. Examples include Pearl Jam posters, Official Bootlegs, apparel, gift cards to local restaurants or businesses.  Please email us if you can make a contribution:

Any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at You'll will receive a prompt response.  Thank you for your support!

Check out some the donations we have for the raffle/auction!

$500 Gift Card for Special Needs Services!

$125 value! A beautiful gift basket from
Celebrity Chef Taylor Florence personalized and
autographed a bottle of his wine for us!

Spectrum baseball cards

"92, '03, '09, '11 & '12 Christmas singles from David V!

Custom bracelets with autism charm

Poster - London 2013

$50 Gift Card to Schmidty's Garage!

Apple Tree Institute