Patient-Centered Services

Five Horizons Health Services strives to promote a healthy, compassionate, and educated community through Medical Care, Prevention Education, Supportive Services, Advocacy, and Research.

What are the Five Pillars?

  • Five Horizons seeks to meet the medical needs of the community through general care, treatments for specialized populations, and Hispanic/Latinx services. Self-pay and insurances, including Medicaid and Medicare, are accepted.
  • Five Horizons provides an array of HIV prevention education services to the general public. Free and confidential testing for HIV is offered as well.
  • Five Horizons offers comprehensive case management services for individuals living with HIV or AIDS. The services include, but are not limited to, housing assistance, medication payment assistance, counseling services, and medical transportation.
  • On national, state, and local levels, Five Horizons advocates for policies that are beneficial for populations in need.
  • Five Horizons is committed to community-based research to develop and fund cutting-edge programs to improve the lives of those we serve. Our efforts include extensive collaborations with local colleges and universities so that collective resources can be used for the good of the community.