Supportive services

Five Horizons offers supportive services in the form of HIV-related case management services.

HIV Case Management Services

The goal of Five Horizons’ HIV Case Management Services is to eliminate barriers to care for those living with HIV.  Financial challenges, housing issues, lack of transportation, or mental health struggles can all make it difficult for an individual to consistently remain in care.  Individuals who are consistent in attendance at medical appointments and in usage of medications will be healthier and will be unlikely to spread HIV to others.

Medical Case Management

  • Oversight of Medication Adherence and Medical Appointment Compliance

  • Insurance Enrollment

  • Drug Payment Assistance Program Enrollment

Non-Medical Case Management (Supportive Services)

  • Medical Transportation

  • Support Groups

  • Mental Health/Substance Abuse Counseling

  • Emergency Financial Assistance


  • Through the Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS Program (HOPWA), eligible clients are offered reduced-rent housing. 

  • Through the Tenant-based Rental Assistance Program, eligible clients in rural areas are offered reduced-rent housing.

  • The Tuscaloosa Housing Authority provides a specific number of housing slots to eligible clients.

  • Five Horizons’ Kind Heart Homes are provided to eligible clients at reduced rent.